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Everyone who’s watched Jamison Crowder in action while wearing green and white the past two seasons no doubt suspected he was probably a five-tool wide receiver — two sure hands, two fleet feet and an accurate right arm.

Jamison Crowder Jersey

But with his specialty primarily as a pass-catcher and YAC-maneuverer, the passing and rushing elements of his game were less noticed.

Until Sunday at MetLife Stadium, when Crowder put together the kind of game that no other Jets player had assembled in franchise history, and a precious few have managed to put together in NFL history.

Until today at MetLife Stadium, when Crowder put together the kind of game that no other Jets player had assembled in franchise history and a precious handful of other managed to put together in NFL history.

Jets Jamison Crowder Jersey

“Yeah, this week they tried to involve me a little more in the offense,” Crowder said, a big smile unable to be hidden beneath his COVID mask as he talked with after the Jets’ 23-16 victory over the Browns. “So I just went out there to take advantage of the plays and opportunities I was given.

“Things worked out well. I was able to connect on a pass with [Braxton] Berrios, and Sam [Darnold] was able to hit me on a strike down the sideline. So it was a good game for me.”

Turns out Jamison Crowder is much more than just the Jets’ leading wide receiver.

Not only did the wideout haul in his sixth touchdown of the season in New York’s second-consecutive victory on Sunday, Crowder ignited the Jets’ offense with a touchdown pass on a trick play.

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In the final seconds of the first quarter, and after snagging a pitch in the backfield from running back Ty Johnson, Crowder launched the football deep down the right sideline. When it came down, finding fellow wideout Braxton Berrios in stride, it was a 43-yard touchdown pass.

With 92 receiving yards on the day, to go along with a 14-yard rush as well, Crowder became just the second player in the NFL over the last 60 years—and the first since 2001—to register 90-plus receiving yards, 40-plus passing yards and 10-plus rushing yards in a single contest.

The 27-year-old also became just the fourth Jet in franchise history to record receiving, passing and rushing yards in a game. He’s the second Jets wide receiver ever to throw a touchdown pass (joining Brad Smith who did it in 2010).

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“I’ve never played quarterback, but I’m an athlete,” Crowder told reporters in a Zoom call after the victory.

Frank Gore’s Legendary Career Could Be Over After Season-Ending Injury

Crowder’s “dime”—as quarterback Sam Darnold called it—gave New York an early 6-3 advantage over Cleveland. It was a lead the Jets wouldn’t relinquish in their 23-16 win.

“Anytime that you hit on one of those plays and you score on it, you don’t always score on it that clean,” Jets head coach Adam Gase said, revealing the trick play has been in New York’s playbook for years. “That’s probably the cleanest that that play’s ever been as far as us running it.”

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Joking that Crowder should take some snaps at quarterback following his deep ball, Darnold smiled.

“It was cool because I was blocking on it around the edge and I had no one to block so I looked to see if Berrios was wide open and he was. So I just saw the ball come right over his shoulder. He threw it perfectly, it was awesome to see.”

Jets Hang On to Beat Browns For Second Straight Win

Later on, capping off New York’s first drive of the second half, the Jets took a 17-point lead when Darnold found Crowder wide open for a 30-yard touchdown.

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While Crowder filled up the stat sheet on Sunday more than he has all season, he’s been reliable as a wideout all year long. In his sixth NFL season, Crowder leads the Jets with six touchdown catches, 668 yards and 55 catches.

“He’s so consistent, you always can count on him, the quarterback can definitely count on him to be in the right spot at the right time, make the play that needs to be made in the moment,” Gase told reporters after the game on Sunday. “Especially when it’s a critical one. When we need a big play, whether it’s the perfect coverage or perfect route, it seems like he comes down with the ball and he makes something happen when we need something to happen.”

Asked about the wideout one day later, Gase compared the slot receiver to Wes Welker, referencing how often Crowder has been double-teamed this year. Darnold added that regardless of the coverage he’s facing, Crowder is as good as it gets when running routes out in space.

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“Jamison has always been really good ever since he got here and he’s going to be really good for a long time,” Darnold said.

Crowder has one more season remaining on his three-year, $28.5 million deal with New York so he’ll be back in 2021. Only question remaining is how many more pass attempts he has left in his Jets future.

Here’s how good:

■ Crowder chalked up 92 yards on seven receptions, including a wide-open 30-yard hookup for the Jets’ third and final touchdown, from Darnold early in the third quarter;

■ He had 43 more yards on his drop-in-the-basket pass to Braxton Berrios off an end-around thrown down the right sideline for the Jets’ first TD;

■ Finally, J.C. added 14 more yards on an end-around to the Browns 16 to set up the hosts’ second TD, another open target from Darnold to TE Chris Herndon.

With at least 90 receiving yards, at least 40 passing yards and at least 10 rushing yards, he became the first Jet to clear all three hurdles in the same game and only the fourth NFL player to do it since 1948, according to The most recent player to do it was New England’s David Patten, at Indianapolis in 2001. The other two achieved it in the 1958 season — Tom Tracy three times for the Steelers, Billy Ray Barnes once for the Eagles.

The strike to Berrios was the one reporters wanted to chat about with the wideout, the QB and head coach Adam Gase after the Jets had salted away their second win over a team vying for the NFL playoff grids in the last two weeks.

“We ran it last year, we ran it a couple of years ago,” Gase said of the play. “Berrios did a really great job of lulling the guy to sleep to where he got by him, and Jamison threw a great ball. Anytime you hit on one of those plays and you score on it, you don’t always score on it that clean. That was probably as clean as it’s been when we’ve been running it.”

“I told him the next series he might think about going back there and playing some snaps at ‘Q,’ ” Darnold said. “What a dime, though. … He threw it perfectly. It was awesome to see.”

“It was a play we worked on all week in practice,” Crowder said. “In practice, I didn’t throw it as good but we still connected on it in practice, But I came out here today and it was better. I threw it right where it needed to be, Berrios was able to make a play. And yeah, man, I’m just glad we got the win.”

The entire Jets offense didn’t sustain its drive through all four quarters. After the Herndon, Berrios and Crowder scoring grabs, the home team settled in and let the visitors close to 20-10 and then 20-16. In their last six series, the Green & White had one Sam Ficken FG try blocked (by former Jets DL Sheldon Richardson), then added Ficken’s 34-yarder with 2:52 to play to go up 23-17, then waited for the defense to throw up a fourth-and-1 wall at their 16 on which the Browns in effect turned the ball over because Mayfield fumbled on the keeper.

And for the second game in eight days, Darnold, Crowder and the offense got to kneel three times and run out the clock for their second win.

“I’m super proud of our guys,” Darnold said. “We had a huge win in LA, and then we came in to work on Monday, Wednesday and the whole week we put in a real good week of work, and we’re super-excited about the win. But we’ve got another tough challenge in New England and we’re excited for it.”

“That’s the goal, man,” Crowder said. “We’re just trying to finish the season off strong, man. It’s been a rough year. We’re just trying to finish it off strong right now. That’s all.”

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Jets’ WR Braxton Berrios took advantage of his opportunities in the 2020 season.

After receiving 85 snaps and 6 catches on offense in the 2019 season, he had 290 snaps, started two games, had 37 receptions, 394 yards and 3 TDs (including his first career TD).

Braxton Berrios Jersey

“At the end of the day, my role is to flourish wherever I’m playing,” he said. “I think we saw that when Jamison [Crowder] was out. I took over in that slot position and tried to do what I could to put our team in the best position to win. When he came back, obviously that was diminished because he’s the starting slot receiver. That took reps off my count, but I tried to get in where I fit in. I would do anything. I started coming out of the backfield a lot more. In Week 17, I had carries from the backfield. I tried to be kind of a Swiss Army Knife, an auxiliary plug for whatever we needed.”

Jets Braxton Berrios Jersey

A highlight from the … New York Jets? Jamison Crowder and Braxton Berrios delivered against the Browns.

In the final minute of the first quarter of Sunday’s Week 16 matchup with the Cleveland Browns, the Jets whipped out their most electric play of the 2020 season.

Braxton Berrios Color Rush Jersey

Quarterback Sam Darnold took a snap under center, handed the ball off to running back Ty Johnson on a sweep left, who tossed the ball to wide receiver Jamison Crowder on a double reverse. Crowder rolled out right and hit wide-open slot WR Braxton Berrios streaking down the right sideline. Berrios beat Browns safety Sheldrick Redwine to the pylon for the first touchdown of the game.

The 43-yard TD was Berrios’ second score of the season and third of his two-year career.

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At time of writing, Berrios has two catches for 60 yards in the first half of Week 16. The Jets lead the depleted Browns, 13-3, at MetLife Stadium.

Crowder has done it all so far. He has a 14-yard rush, two receptions for 18 yards, plus a 135.4 QB Rating after the trick-play TD.

It was only the second pass attempt of Crowder’s five-year career. The wideout threw an incompletion for Washington in 2015.

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Apparently, the Jets are feeling a little looser on offense after winning their first game of the season last week over the Los Angeles Rams.

If New York can hang on to the lead against Cleveland, they would officially be out of the running for the no. 1 pick in the 2020 draft, and lose the chance at Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.

Maybe this is what activating hyperdrive looks like, after all.

Cheap Braxton Berrios Jersey

The Jets, as an organization, want to maximize their draft position, but every player in the New York locker room is competing for a job in 2021 and wants to make the best possible impression on teams around the league. This is still very serious business for everyone wearing a green uniform.

He finished second on the team in catches, third in yards and tied for second in TDs. A Patriots sixth-round pick in 2019 out of Miami, Berrios joined the Jets last September as a waiver claim. He immediately carved a niche as the Green & White’s punt returner and his 11.4 yards per return ranked No. 2 in the NFL. Berrios didn’t have the same success in the 2020 season at PR, averaging 8.6 per return. Since the start of the 2019 season, he ranks No. 7 among NFL players with a 10.7 average.

“Football is a game of opportunities,” he said. “When we had the chances, we took them and sometimes we didn’t. I don’t think we got many returns off as we did last year, but a lot of it is circumstantial and it’s all about opportunities.”

Youth Braxton Berrios Jersey

Berrios had 21 returns his first season with the Jets for 240 yards and just 10 for 86 in his second. The fewer chances could be a byproduct of the team’s injuries in 2020, which thrust core special teams players into starting roles, for example LB Harvey Langi. Berrios, however, doesn’t see that as an excuse.

“Injuries are a part of football and we all know that,” he said. “It’s the next-man-up mentality. You have to be ready when your number is called whenever it is.

So, what’s next for Berrios after a career year at WR? What’s his offseason roadmap?

“I have everything to work on,” he said. “The whole ‘look yourself in the mirror and see what you have to do’ is not foreign to me at all. I think there is no one harder on me than m, and I’d like to keep it that way. I truly have everything to work on as a receiver, as a football player in general. Truly I’m looking forward to doing that and coming back an all-around better player.”

He added: “You have to be brutally honest with yourself of things you did well, but more importantly, things you didn’t do well and things you have to improve on. The season went completely sideways to what everyone wanted it to, but at the end of the day, we stayed in the fight. We stayed in the deep end and I really think we all grew from this experience.”

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Those also writing about Joe Flacco’s NFL career likely won’t be using the word “future” much longer.

That’s no slight toward the New York Jets quarterback. Age is a near-undefeated behemoth that has claimed the careers of countless others before him and, at 35, there’s no denying that Flacco’s time is coming. The polarizing ex-Baltimore Raven has built himself a solid NFL career that turned him into one of the major faces of pro football in the 21st century. But his glory days, like his legendary run to Super Bowl XLVII, are long behind him. Football analysts, amateur and professional alike, will likely view his time in a Jets uniform (as well as his eight-game cameo in the colors of the Denver Broncos) through the same, sarcastic lens of Tom Brady’s ongoing Tampa Bay endeavors.

Joe Flacco Jersey

But if this truly is the end for Flacco, could the final, successful chapters be written in green?

With Sam Darnold set to return on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins (1 p.m. ET, CBS) in a situation where his job as the franchise man could be on the line, it stands to reason that Flacco, a free-agent-to-be, probably won’t take the field again unless the former endures yet another injury. Flacco has started four games for the Jets (0-10) this season, all after Darnold injured his shoulder in a loss to Denver on October 1, an ailment reaggravated a month later in Kansas City.

The intent behind signing Flacco was clear: if the unthinkable happened to the developing Darnold (again), the Jets would have a decent-enough substitution to tread water until the younger thrower came back. Additionally, if there was ever an on-field mentor for Darnold, one could’ve done far worse than bringing in a former Super Bowl MVP used to adversity. Josh McCown was the best of both worlds before he chose a brief retirement. Flacco believed he could still start for another team after his reign upon the Baltimore throne ended with the emergence of Lamar Jackson, but willingly embraced such a role.

Jets Joe Flacco Jersey

“It’s where I am right now and I’m glad to be on a team playing football in some capacity,” Flacco said after his signing in May, per Andy Vazquez of USA Today. “I think it’s going to be huge to get in there and know the guys and develop a relationship with the team and do anything I can to help the team get better and in that process, help Sam with whatever he needs help with.”

It didn’t take long for the overwhelmed Jets (0-10) to call upon Flacco to empty whatever was left in his NFL quarterbacking tank. Asking him to fully flip the Jets’ fortunes was a little too much…the New York issues go far beyond the quarterback…but, in a surprising turn of events, the Jets’ struggling offense looked how they were supposed to look in 2020: a rebuilding team that was slowly but surely getting it together.

Joe Flacco Color Rush Jersey

Over the last two weeks, the Jets have earned 614 yards and 55 points under Flacco’s watch, each of which are season-highs in consecutive games. Flacco has done his part, particularly over the last two games with five touchdown passes and 467 yards, good for a passer rating of 102.6. That made him one of a dozen quarterbacks with at least 50 pass attempts with a triple-digit passer rating over the last two games. Only Patrick Mahomes and Ben Roethlisberger have thrown more touchdown passes than Flacco in that span, with the mark tying him with Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Josh Allen, and Justin Herbert (who had three as his Los Angeles Chargers topped Flacco and the Jets last Sunday).

It’s not like Flacco’s tenure was exempt from 2020 Jets shenanigans; he took a 30-yard sack in a shutout loss in Miami and threw a “really bad” pick-six deep in Jets territory in the most recent defeat in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, the undeniable leadership and defacto spark Flacco brought to the lineup was noticed by his teammates and coaches alike.

Authentic Joe Flacco Jersey

“It’s been good for the most part,” receiver Breshad Perriman said of his relationship with Flacco after the defeat in Los Angeles, per Jack Bell of “Of course it could always be better. But it’s definitely going good.”

Working with Flacco, a fellow former Raven, Perriman has earned touchdown receptions in back-to-back games. Two came in the Jets’ 30-27 defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots two weeks ago, good for Perriman’s first 100-yard since last season in Tampa Bay.

“I think you saw it, I think everyone saw it, how well he throws the football,” Jets offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said after the New England game in another report from Vazquez. “This guy, he’s gifted that way, and he did some really nice things for us. He’s really accurate. I do think this guy is a starter in this league, and we’re very fortunate to have the quarterback situation we have right now. And that’s why Joe was brought here.”

Womens Joe Flacco Jersey

. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
The Jets have some major decisions to make when it comes to their quarterback spot. These final hours of the 2020 season could mean everything to Darnold, whose status as the face of the franchise could be in major jeopardy if they get the top overall pick in next spring’s draft. Surprisingly, there may be a little more clarity in the understudy role, because no matter who starts at quarterback for the Jets come 2021…be it Darnold, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Field, or an unknown entity…is going to need some form of mentorship and stability behind him. It’s highly unlikely the Jets will replicate the Kansas City Chiefs’ idea and sit a potential draftee for a year. Duplicating the strategy that ended Flacco’s tenure in Baltimore, where Jackson came in partway through his rookie season, is equally doubtful. But having a veteran quarterback on the roster is essential on the rookie franchise quarterback shopping list. Protection is a close second, but the Jets have admittedly been doing well in that regard with the Mekhi Becton selection paying dividends thus far. That’s where Flacco comes into the Jets’ future plans.

Cheap Joe Flacco Jersey

For all we know, the Jets’ offensive progress stemmed not from Flacco, but from the fact that the Jets were able to use their top three receivers (Perriman, Denzel Mims, Jamison Crowder) in the same game(s). But if Darnold is willing to carry on the role of the mentor backup, it could be a perfect match and a perfect way to end his career. The role. of a perfect backup quarterback is, if you are pressed into service, don’t be the reason for your squad’s demise. If you can provide mentorship an intuitive sense of know-how to the lineup, that’s an added bonus. Flacco fulfills both of these roles and gives the Jets security for the future.

Flacco, for his part, has not given any indication toward retirement. If he was willing to come back from a neck injury sustained in Denver last season, then mere losses shouldn’t serve a deterrent in advancing things further. If the calling comes, he well could go to a team seeking a quick fix at quarterback to win immediately (the 5-5 Chicago Bears perhaps come to mind as they’re set to revert to Mitchell Trubisky this Sunday night).

But there’s no shame in serving as a veteran mentor to close one’s career. It worked perfectly for guys like Mark Brunell, perhaps one of the most accurate comparisons Flacco will receive. A Super Bowl as a starter was denied to the left-handed Brunell, but he left a lasting mark on the passing antics of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise, much like Flacco did back in Baltimore.

Youth Joe Flacco Jersey

After his time in Jacksonville ended, Brunell would later end his career with the Jets and New Orleans Saints, winning a Super Bowl with the former. That followed a stop with the team then known as the Washington Redskins, where Brunell took over in the mid-2000s before overseeing a peaceful transition of power to Jason Campbell. He would later mentor Mark Sanchez during two further seasons in New York.

Even the accomplished veteran Drew Brees knows how valuable a lauded backup can be. Brees was already well known upon his New Orleans arrival, but mentioned that Brunell helped him reach his ultimate heights. The two would go on to win Super Bowl XLIV together, with Brees capturing the MVP honors Flacco would earn three years later.

“You’re talking about a great mentor in so many ways,” Brees told Bill Baker of The Times-Picayune prior to embarking on that championship trek. “He’s started so many games, started so many big games. He’s played a lot of football at a very high level. He’s been to conference championship games before, been to Pro Bowls; he’s done all those things. He’s played in a lot of interesting systems with a lot of great coaches. There’s just a wealth of knowledge that I can draw from.”

Uncertainty continues to loom over the Jets’ quarterback situation, a feeling that has lurked for far too long. Bringing back Flacco, ironically destined for backup duties, would add a tremendous deal of clarity for a franchise in desperate need of it.

If you hadn’t watched the Jets at all this season, but tuned in at the start of Sunday’s Week 11 game against the Chargers in Los Angeles, odds are you were at least a bit surprised by the first 10-plus minutes of the first quarter.

New York roared out of the gates, storming out to an early lead after blocking a punt. Then, after a lengthy drive from rookie quarterback Justin Herbert, the defense made a stop in the red zone, forcing a fumble and getting the ball back poised to put more points on the board.

Could this be the week that New York finally secures its first win of the season?

Then, Joe Flacco threw his first pass of the game.

From the Jets’ four yard line, the veteran quarterback—filling in once again for Sam Darnold—tried to find receiver Jamison Crowder on a shallow out route toward the far sideline. Instead, Flacco’s pass was gift-wrapped for Chargers cornerback Tevaughn Campbell, who read the play like a book, pounced and snagged the football before Crowder had a chance to react.

The Chargers defensive back needed only four strides to take the interception into the end zone for an easy pick six.

“The interception I threw was really bad,” Flacco said in a Zoom call after the game. “I threw it way behind Crowder. I didn’t get my hips out there. At best, we should have had probably a completion, maybe to the slant and at worst we should have had an incompletion over Crowder’s head and instead they end up with seven points on the board. So, I think that obviously hurt us.”